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We are working at our new exhibition for the Castle Liebegg in 5722 Graenichen AG. We will keep the themed rooms but will renew the contents and will show many new exhibits. The new exhibition starts from 25th March 2018.

Some impressions from our eight years long exhibition in Auenstein AG.

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- Patrick Keller

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The Museum of Witchcraft, Switzerland offers a variety of over 1000 wonderful exhibits.
Many pieces have been since decades in the possession of Wicca and her family, and were collected, compiled
 and continually supplemented.
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A museum grows and becomes more and more exciting with the years and we are excited about ancient material
donations; old books on the topic and financial support to acquire new exhibits.



The Witchhunting and trials in Switzerland in the Middle age and the early modern age.


All over Europe people died during a period of about 400 years, innocent accused of Witchcraft or Magic. Women, men and even children were burned or tortured. Switzerland was an infamous place were many trials and burnings took place. A small country with an inglorious Witch hunt history. The exhibition will give insight into the popular web of magic and superstition,  with pictures, writing tables, original documents, listening stations and objects. A documentation of the magistrates witch hunt and the painful journey of a person indicted as a witch, by the prosecution to the pyre.