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On approximately 270m2 on two floors, you will find a carefully, over the years assembled, exhibition on the topic.
How versatile, exciting and surprising the world of witches is you are able to see in different themed rooms.

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In the herbal- crystal room you will find magical roots, herbs, incenses and medicinal herbs
and the old herb-woman Nonna Wicca.
A various collection from around the world and different areas.
The meaning and healing proposes of crystals is explained.

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- Patrick Keller

In the Divination room, you can learn about the various forms of Divination, meet famous Seers,
learn about Clairvoyance, Astrology and Chiromancy. Old Oracle Cards, Tarots, Runes, Crystal Ball and
Fortune Telling Cups.
Here you will be informed about the story of the real Madame Lenormand,
the origin of the Tarot and how Ogham and Runes were and are used.

© Hexenmuseum Schweiz - Patrick Keller                               © Hexenmuseum Schweiz - Patrick Keller

In the Superstitions, Folklore Beliefs and New Witches room you will find informations and examples
about Talismans, Amulets, means for the protection and defence, aware of the evil eye,  
protection against nightmares, ghosts or the Toggeli (the Swiss nightly mischievous creature).
Ritual tools like
Athames, ancient books of magic, the Memento Mori Cabinet, and all
sorts of historical objects
do astonish the visitors here. Also you will find a wide area of the so called Modern Witches.
We are proud to explain magickal artefacts, given to us from some of the most famous still living witches of the world.


In the section about the Witch hunts in the middle age and early modern age  you can learn who was denounced as a witch and why. What was the way from charge until execution. Since many years Wicca Meier-Spring (the founder and Manager of the Museum) searches the old archives in Switzerland and claims all the dates and names of persons executed as Witches in Switzerland. The name lists of these poor people are to be seen too, together with two executions swords from the 17th century.

In the Movie room upstairs you can see films about the Malleus Maleficarum the inglorious book of Kramer, the "Hexenhammer", the story of the Witch Trials and Witch Hunting and about special magical places in Switzerland. Or you can join a lady travelling in a Past Life Experience and learn about the Ghosts of Switzerland (films are in German only)

Upstairs as well you will enter the room of Magick, Shapeshifting, Witches Animals, the Lore of the Trees, the history of Witches trough time, the Midwifes, the Love Spells and much much more.

A large collection with over 60 sculptures of Greek, Roman,
Celtic, Native American, Saxon, Egyptian, Hindu and Germanic gods and goddesses is signposted.

The Museum of Witchcraft, Switzerland offers a variety of wonderful exhibits.
Many pieces have been since decades in the possession of Wicca and her family, and were collected, compiled
 and continually supplemented.
The latest News you always find under the button “Aktuelles”. (in German)

A museum grows and becomes more and more exciting with the years and we are excited about ancient material
donations; old books on the topic and financial support to acquire new exhibits.



The Witchhunting and trials in Switzerland in the Middle age and the early modern age.


All over Europe people died during a period of about 400 years, innocent accused of Witchcraft or Magic. Women, men and even children were burned or tortured. Switzerland was an infamous place were many trials and burnings took place. A small country with an inglorious Witch hunt history. The exhibition will give insight into the popular web of magic and superstition,  with pictures, writing tables, original documents, listening stations and objects. A documentation of the magistrates witch hunt and the painful journey of a person indicted as a witch, by the prosecution to the pyre.


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