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Museum of Witchcraft Switzerland - Hexenmuseum Schweiz

Welcome- Merry Meet

Opening Hours:
(click for exact opening dates)

Wednesday 2 - 5 PM
Friday 2 - 6 PM
Fullmoon 8 - 10 PM
One Sunday per month 2 - 5 PM

During the summer until Sept, 1 we are open only Wednesday, special Sundays and Fullmoons.

The exhibition is well described in German language.
We are happy to help you, when you have any questions or understanding problems.
And we do offer guided tours in English, must be booked in advance, thank you.

Entry Fee 2016:

SFR 13.00 per adult
SFR 11.00 for seniors and students
SFR. 7.00 per child 11 - 16 years

Guided tours:

We are happy to show you around in a guided tour in English if you book in advance.
Guided tours are mainly outside of the common opening hours, except on Wednesday 3 PM, is
it possible to book a tour during the opening hours.

Prices for 1 hour guided tour:

Wednesday, 3 PM,  SFr. 150.-- for groups up to 10 people, plus reduced entry price of SFR. 8.00 per person,

Wednesday/Friday evening, SFR. 200.-- for groups up to 13 people, plus reduced entry price of SFR. 8.00 per person,
including a refreshing herbal drink from the Kitchenwitch.


If you press the Exhibition button, you will be guided to a description on what you will find here in
our Museum of Witchcraft. You will also see a small slide show. Enjoy!

Our Address:
Muehliacherweg 10, 5105 Auenstein (Aargau)

We have different carparks (free parking for visitiors) in front and by the side of the Museum.

The closest Trainstation is Wildegg. From there leave Buses three time per hour to Auenstein.
If you will arrive by Bus, take the Bus Stop Auenstein/Fahr, cross the road and go ahead direction Auenstein village.
Soon you will see a brown signpost with the words in white -" Hexenmusem". Follow the direction of the sign.
The Museum is on your right with a big Pond in front. (About 8 minutes walking distance)

Information/Contact Details:
If you need further informations please do not hesitate to contact us by email info@hexenmuseum.ch
or by phone from abroad 0041 62 897 39 09 or local 062 897 39 09

We are member of the ICOM and VMS/AMS- Association of Museums Switzerland          


We are member of VAMUS- Association of Museums Aargau



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